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About Us
Individuals is a employee relationship management tool for enterprise. It’s a fully managed notification platform for employees.

We have a vision to make organizations more professional and organized. After getting an enterployee account organizations can notify their employees easily and employees can connect with their company in better way.

Some unique points about the software are:

  • We allow companies to create departments and link people to their company (only linked people get notifications from that department)
  • We notify the related people on their email, mobile (By SMS) and enterployee account.
  • Employees can upload their personal data like PAN card, Smart card etc select out of them and directly share it with their linked companies. Any future modification in the file will automatically be updated to the documents in the company profile.
  • Companies can notify their employees by writing the message on the site or just by uploading the already written files in the format word/pdf/rar etc. The files will be available to the linked people of the department.
  • Only linked people of the department will get to see the department profile and their events. Companies and employees can create their public and professional pages and share it online.