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What are the issue / pain points that EnterPloyee addresses?

As the site is all about enterprise, colleges, students and employees so the site solves all the issues that
related people are facing right now like:

  • For an enterprise if they need to put up a notice or any kind of event, they need to pin it up at the notice
    board and they never knows whether all the concerned people have seen that thing or not .

  • What if there is any emergency meeting after 20 minutes how will they tell all of their concerned
    people at a time.

  • If a company manager need to access any detail of any particular employee when he/she is not in the

  • If the company needs to post an urgent job.

  • Company has to mention paper work (files and other prints etc) for their employee records and their
    certificates like address proof, photo proof etc.

All of these and many more things will be directly solved by EnterPloyee.

  • For employee, they definitely miss many important details from the notice board which affect their performance in the company and make their plans ineffective

  • If there is any notice/event on a notice board which concerns large people (crowd near the notice
    board), they will have to be in line to see the notice which wastes their time and company time also.
    Also this is very frustrating and not good. We say not inline rather online.

  • There is no way how employees can submit resume,ask for leave and ask for any information from the company. We facilitates those services.

  • If the employee switches to another company, he/she needs to submit the documents again and
    again when he/she switches (wastage of paper and what if the employee’s documents is updated like
    change of address after 2 months of document submission in the company)

  • They need all their co-workers listed at one place and can contact them any time so to get more friendly
    relationship in an enterprise

  • Then need to find jobs, send resumes, share documents and search for similar skills people
    They do not have public yet professional profile other than linkedin ( is very simple and
    ad free profile)

  • Eg

  • Students need to wait very longer to get some notifications from their schools/colleges

  • They never knows what is happening in their college when they are actually not present there no
    notices, no event information etc.
    Need to be in long line for results etc.

All these things and some more are provided by

More in the coming versions.
Services like

  • Attendance markup

  • Calender Marking

  • And a new execiting TieUp...